In 2010, I earned my BFA in Theater with a concentration in Technology, Management and Design from Wagner College located in New York City. At Wagner, I was able to perform as a Costume Designer and Stage Manager. I was also able to design the wigs and make-up for several shows. During my time at Wagner, I was able to gain a greater appreciation for every aspect of theater, as well as, learn the basics of my own craft.

While in college, I worked my summers at the MacHaydn Theater in Chatham, New York. For every summer from 2007-2010, I researched, designed, styled and ran the tracks for 7-8 musicals and 4 children's theater shows. While at the MacHaydn, I developed an ability to work in an incredibly fast paced environment. The creative milieu of summer stock theater also allowed me to continue to sharpen my skills as a designer, stylist and wigs and make-up technician.

Immediately upon graduation, I started touring with national and international tours of Broadway musicals which included: "The Wizard of Oz", "Young Frankenstein", "Shrek" and "Beauty & The Beast". Through touring, I have developed what I believe are impeccable organizational and interpersonal skills. In each tour venue, the production picks up local personnel hired to assist in each department. These "locals" can vary widely in ability and skill set. Over the past four years, I have come to excel at leading these locals through complicated quick changes with accuracy and consistency all while being able to maintain every wigs' style to my high professional standards. Touring has also provided me with the opportunity to work with many designers who have helped me hone my skills as a stylist and grow into the Wigs Stylist and Make-up Artist I am today. 

After touring from 2010-2015, I moved to NYC in 2016. I earned my Cosmetology License after attending Arrojo Cosmetology School while swinging as a Hairdresser for both Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder as well as Phantom of the Opera. Upon graduation from Cosmetology School I accepted a full-time position as Assistant Hair Supervisor at King & I. Since I have been Hairdressing at Finding Neverland through the show’s closing August 2016. 

As a professional, I am pleased to say that I have earned a reputation for taking pride in my work and producing work that is of the highest quality. I am passionate about maintaining my high professional standards, while at the same time remaining concerned with the well being of my show’s actors and crew.

Should you have any questions about me or my work, please feel free to contact me.